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Empower your design teams, embed design in your organisation.

Design thinking, UX, innovation sprints, agile, there are so many practices and approaches being lauded as business or product saviours. Knowing which can help your teams fulfil your organisation’s vision, and which can help your business change is complex, and sometimes daunting.

We thrive on getting individuals and teams to reach peak performance and value, especially when competition rises up, customers demand better and the business needs success. 

Wherever you are based, we can help you. From remote coaching to in-person training, we have worked with teams from Australia to Brazil to China and all the way to Zurich. In a 24/7 world where distributed teams are the norm, we help bring insights that help the entire organisation, bridge distance and facilitate collaboration.

Our focus

We help leaders and teams build their agile, UX or innovation literacy, fluency or mastery, so that every function talks the same language and the organisation becomes efficient and effective.

enterprise AGILE


Agile may be an everyday part of your delivery and design teams, and yet core functions are struggling to really understand the shift in practice and culture, and how to work well alongside agile teams. When it comes to sprints, standups or kanban boards, we can help and equip your people and teams with insights and key concepts, helping them incorporate valuable agile practices in a gentle way.


With our training, coaching and mentoring blend applied on exemplar projects where we also provide UX design, we help you ship change and get teams to understand design from a hands-on point of view. It results in their finding it easier to work smoothly into the organisation’s agile delivery process, and become literate in user centred practices.


We know the reality of your business is teams in Shanghai and Boston working together despite timezone challenges. With dedicated coaching and mentoring, we can help your teams smoothe their collaboration practices and succeed together.

User experience training


For UX directors who need to smooth skills across designers in order to remove bottlenecks, we offer custom designed training courses infused with product and business sense as well as a love for great design. In particular, we offer corporate training courses in user research, interviewing and wireframing.


Once design is in-house, it’s important that the wider functions of the business, from marketing to sales, input smartly to the product team their needs and concerns. 

Our introductory courses in UX give non-designers tools and practices from the UX toolbox. With a good understanding of key design principles, and the work that goes behind great design, they get to work smartly with the design team, provide better stakeholder input, give more actionable and relevant feedback on deliverables, even apply user research techniques to their specific focus and remit, by undertaking specific research and design pieces.


Your organisation wants to adopt user centred practices, and you want to make sure you get what you're signing it up for? Our dedicated training is for you.

transformation & Innovation


We come to organise, deliver and facilitate workshops and design sessions that help your team deliver design insights and outputs. These sessions also help to shift to an innovative mindset, set up innovation experiments, reflect on the changes the organisation needs and can support. We ensure these sessions help leaders and managers get a fresh look at how they can serve their organisation's innovation goals.


We apply the same facilitation and inspiring thought leadership to deliver engaging, tactical keynotes at your internal conference, and help reinforce key messages of user centred design, lean methodology and agile thinking. Get your event off to a great start with our energetic interventions that we carefully tailor to your organisation's focus and key topics.


With one to one sessions, fully explore your vision and implementation strategy, with the help of an experienced coach.


Our clients say...

Sophie’s a real catalyst for learning – the effect of what she does reaches far beyond the training day.
— Bryonie Babcock, Pearson
“Sophie’s work is enriching. She gives us a point of view that we otherwise would not have. She questions things that need to be questioned. She awakens our understanding of what our users really want.”
— Cyrielle Khayat, L’Oréal


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