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I'm helping 10 ux designers by hosting private conversations


While looking for my next challenge, I'm going to give some time to designers who'd like to rack my brains on techniques, skills and deliverables. 

I will hold one to one 30 minute-long video conference sessions with each of the first 10 people who leave a Comment to this post with "I'd love to rack your brain on ... , and I'm on timezone ...".

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How to deliver accessibility in a Lean Startup approach


Yesterday I heard "we first work on the solution, then we add accessibility". Sounds like a good plan, and it's been my experience that this approach inevitably ends with "we've run out of time/budget" or "we have bugs to fix/urgent functionalities to add" as excuses, pardon me, reasons to not make products accessible. Only GDS and the government digital teams they advise and inspire have ever said, and acted, "we won't go live until this is sufficiently accessible". So how do you deliver accessible products when developing them in a Lean or agile approach? 

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So you want to set up a design lab...

In line with the works of Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Janice Fraser and Alexander Osterwalder and others, and based on my experience of transforming organisations and taking teams through innovative work, I’m going to share 7 guidelines I believe you need to keep in mind when setting up your design lab.

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