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Join OUR workshop at Flupa UX Days IN PARIS, FRANCE

A not-to-be-missed staple of the French user experience scene, this year sees the new edition of the UX days by Flupa, the french-speaking community of UX professionals. The programme will be once again a day of workshops followed by a day of conferences, held 14 and 15 June 2018.

This year, I will lead a workshop on design critiques, to help designers collaborate better together, and strengthen their designs in a safe space before presenting them smartly to the greater team and stakeholders.

JOIn our workshop at Deliver:Agile 2018 in austin, TX

There is a wealth of new Agile tools and techniques, new patterns and practices. Learn how best to support and evolve your Agile engineering practices in light of these new capabilities and emerging technologies.

Agile is now a multi-disciplinary field that includes Developers and QA, of course, and also UX Designers, Infrastructure Engineers, Data Scientists, Cloud Specialists and more.

Practitioners from all involved disciplines will gather at deliver:Agile 2018 to address new advances, new challenges and new directions, to learn from world-class experts, and to practice our craft together.

I will give a talk on day 1 on "Skills for a balanced team: basic agile user testing for non-designers"

Come hear me speak! 

 Balanced Team London

Balanced Team London

Balanced Team london unconference, 13 January 2018

With Adrian Howard and Martina Schell, we are excited to bring back the Balanced Team London unconference. Join us for a day of sharing, collaborating, learning, supporting, exchanging and much more



Dadlihack, antigua, 19-21 January 2018

A weekend hackathon in Antigua to develop solutions to support communities after storms (hurricanes). Tropical storms and hurricanes are becoming more intense, so we're hacking to help

Organised by Ocean Generation and UNOPS, supported by Volunteers United.

We have been helping with organising the event and will facilitate it in Antigua, getting participants to collaborate, innovate and enjoy the experience of a week-end long hackathon.